Meditation is not an activity.

Meditation is what remains when the activity of the mind, the overlay of thought onto pure, ever-present experience, dissolves. And meditation is what was prior to that activity.

An incense burner, robe, and meditation cushion are not required. You can do it anywhere, but since it is not an activity, you cannot do it anywhere.

It is the sky remembering it is not the clouds, but the sky in which all of the clouds appear. And then it remembers it is the clouds too, since they are made of nothing but sky.

The Most Interesting Question

The most interesting question in the world to me, that seems virtually unasked in human history, is, with regard to any experience: “What is seeing this?”

An image appears, a sound appears, a smell, a thought. What is it that is seeing/experiencing it?

The mind will quickly fire back a familiar, comfortable answer like “me”, or “the brain”. But when we drop the mind’s conceptualized answers, when the thoughts about the experience dissolve, what is left in the raw immediacy of the experience that is actually doing the experiencing?

What is it that the thought “me” is referring to?

What is seeing this?