What’s the Point?

This is just a continual reminder of the only thing that is always evident, and that existence is greater than the mind-created story of self, other, and time which we may have been led to believe was the only solid, real thing there is. It is a reminder that the story, and the objects and events within it are in fact not solid at all, and if grasped for, can never actually be found or touched.

It’s a reminder that suffering can come only from that story, and never the present experience staring you in the face. And that it is staring no one in the face.

In my own experience, this reminder doesn’t necessarily prevent any of the dark times, any of the pain, any of the self-doubt, regret, or fear. But it does turn the volume down. It leaves space for a wry smile that knows it’s all just a trick of the light. A wink and a nod.

Sometimes that’s enough.

“Now that I’m enlightened, I’m as miserable as ever.” – Zen master

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