Meditation: Drinking Deeply from the Fountain

This meditation is similar in nature to the previously-described “Finding the Edge”, but with different intent.

Where before we took an inquisitive approach, exploring the present expression of consciousness, searching for that which is not it, now we are free to revel in and celebrate the inescapable truth: that no matter where our attention lands, there is never anything but vibrant, ineffable aliveness.

Let your attention wander where it may: inside the body or out, the ephemeral realm of thought, or a vast panorama on the horizon. A toothache, an itch in the nose, the whir of a computer fan. The deepest silence. Utter darkness. The reflection off of an empty soda bottle. A memory.

In this meditation, we find that there is only ever-present this-ness. It is given in endless supply. It is all there ever is, this infinite, dimensionless fountain.

Drink up!

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