Meditation: Dropping Your Relationship with the Present

Yesterday I wrote about “dropping your relationship with the present” when in the grip of negativity. Like all of our meditations here, this can be practiced at any time, in any situation. You don’t have to wait for dark times. In fact, it is generally easier to familiarize yourself with the practice when in a more peaceful emotional state.

We may be carrying the deeply ingrained assumption that “this is happening to me”. Let’s see what happens if we take a moment to drop that assumption. In fact, this happens naturally quite often throughout the day, but it — and the truth it reveals — is easily missed.

Simply allow the present experience to be as it is, regardless of its contents. Allow yourself the respite of having no control, as if you’ve just jumped off a cliff. All of the decisions have been made, gravity has taken over, and there is nothing left to do but look around and soak it all in.

You may notice a sense of equanimity arise, when the present appearance is no longer judged by its meaning or value to your life.

I lied, though. In doing this, you have not, in fact, dropped your relationship to the present. You have removed yourself from the proceedings entirely. You have not forgotten yourself. You have seen the truth that shines, here, now and eternally, beyond yourself.

One thought on “Meditation: Dropping Your Relationship with the Present

  1. This one was written in a small notebook with a mechanical pencil while sitting in the nearly empty refreshment stop in the Cincinnati Zoo, while sipping a coffee that they gave me for free since nobody else was there.

    Just a little BEHIND-THE-SCENES action for ya.

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