Negativity is Insanity

Once again we have to be careful about defining our terms here. By “negativity”, I am not referring to preference. Obviously, if you suffer a great loss, or miss your flight, or stub your toe, you will have preferred that that not happen, and you will be angry, or grief-stricken, or yell “Fuck!”. That is normal, and in this life, to be expected on an almost daily basis.

The negativity I refer to is a deep-seated, staunch opposition to the present appearance. We can go back to the “core of suffering” to find out what that feels like: This should not be. It’s not a preference, it is an act of war.

Ask yourself, has this moment arrived? Having arrived, could it be any other way than it is? You’ll notice that this moment is always exactly the way it is. That’s why it’s called this moment. To be at odds with what is, is an act of madness, and you suffer for this madness.

For a moment, try dropping the fight, since it is a fight you can never win. Allow this, no matter how painful, to be as it is. Forgive this for being as it is, for it could be no other way. Drop your relationship with the present moment. Dissolve into it. That is how the war ends.

Anything else is insanity.

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