What is the problem right now?

Suffering, whether it takes the form of depression, anxiety or anything else, always stems from being at odds with this. During these times, then, it’s useful to reacquaint ourselves with what this is.

It may be helpful to first play with this technique in brighter times, as there’s a lot more openness and you’ll be more naturally able to break from conditioned patterns. At any rate, if you are not completely engulfed by suffering, if there’s even a little space in which to investigate, take a moment and ask the above question: What is the problem right now?

Any answer to this will always take the form of a story about the present happening — the past that caused it, the future it will lead to, or the unacceptable state of the people or objects within it. The problem is never, ever identifiable within the actual, immediate appearance. An appearance in which the stories about it, and the problems with it appear as thought, but in actuality an appearance in which no problem can be found.

One that which we are fighting against is seen to be a thought-created, thought-contained story, our attention can expand to wake up to the actuality of the moment, and the struggle can begin to dissolve.

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