“There’s nothing you need to remember.”

That’s a quote toward the end of a recording of an Eckhart Tolle retreat, and a very important one. It points to the fact that what’s being discussed here is not an idea to agree or disagree with, or a new belief to carry with you. There are no special instructions or hidden keys here.

This is shining a spotlight on that which is plainly, evidently, and always the case, prior to the unfolding of the drama of the so-called “real world”, but so close that like the pair of glasses you forgot you were wearing, it’s virtually never noticed. And yet, is it quite literally all that ever appears.

At any time, you can check this for yourself. Before being hypnotized, captivated, and convinced by the content of the appearance, investigate the nature of the appearance itself, without prejudice, and with absolutely unrelenting honesty.

There is nothing here to agree or disagree with. There is nothing to believe. And there is nothing you need to remember.

It’s too late for any of that. It’s already here.

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